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We all like money, right? Money is relevant to our lives before school, during school and after school. Some of us that go to school never use some of the courses we NEED to take. Why isn’t there a course about how to save money? Or how to invest, or how to put into an RRSP? OR EVEN HOW TO PAY YOUR DAMN TAXES… (this hits home a little) Thank goodness I have parents who have worked for banks and are in the accounting business, but what if I didn’t?

Who would teach me how to do these things?

Now I still don’t know much about any of these things I have mentioned because I am still learning… But I write this to put a spark in your head to think about it! Ask questions! Saving and thinking about money crap is scary sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

What is your opinion on this? Would you be thankful to have these skills after high school graduation?

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