Cassandra Ebner

Stunts. Acting. YouTube. Cosplay.

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dantedreams asked: so are you a professional stunt person? Motion pictures or live shows? Glad I found your tumblr. Excellent cosplay that I have seen so far.

Yeah I guess I am. It’s weird to say because I have only been doing it a year and half. But it’s my only job. So yes?

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call-me-merlin asked: That's really cool! I will definitely watch the World of Warcraft movie now :D I hope I get to meet you one day. I kinda doubt it will ever happen but you and your friends just seem like such fun people from your vlogs and whatnot, it's easy to think I would get along with you all. Anyway, thanks for the replies and keep on being awesome! :)

You never know! Stranger things have happened. They are all pretty cool, we all don’t hang out enough though. haha. YOU KEEP BEING AWESOME

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sarcastic-little-crap asked: What's the union for film? Is that a Canadian thing or am I just really unknowable?

Im pretty sure it’s like “SAG” but called something else in Canada