Cassandra Croft

How good? So good.

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the-lil-details asked: It's like I read some time ago: "Having an opinion is like having a penis, it's ok to have one but you can't just shove it down people's throats"

omgomg omg I laughed so hard. This is so good. And true.

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willowular asked: I really miss your presence in my life through your videos, but I'm so happy and content that it's only not in my life because your dream of becoming a stunt woman (and therefore, part superhero, in my books) is coming true. I am so so so happy. I'd love to write you a letter one day but have no idea how, with your permission.I guess in a strange way I consider you a friend that I care about, even though I've never met you, Cassandra. I hope you're doing well. x

I don’t have a PO box but I do have an email address!, I don’t always have the time to reply but I do read all my messages! <33 Miss the youtubes too!

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I like the message in this video. It isn’t solely the guys responsibility, it’s the women’s responsibility to communicate!

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Super cool opportunity to double Jenna on Witches of East End. Here is one of the fun stunts I got to do on the show!

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