Cassandra Croft

How good? So good.

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Anonymous asked: You tweeted saying you're gonna be in Texas in a week, are you gonna do a meet up or anything like that?

Negatory, I am going for a week intensive of horse back riding and then headed back home =(

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry if you've already addressed this (which I'm sure you have, and I just missed it) but what happened with your daily vlog channel?

Life has gotten busy, not much time for editing and a lot of the time when I am working I can’t record because of Non-disclosure forms.

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Anonymous asked: Men with beards, hot or not?

I don’t really care, I’m all about the personality or whatever.

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yourarmpitsarebeehives asked: I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your acting (and your stunting but I already knew you were good at that from your vlogs :) ) in Croft. It's incredibly difficult to act especially when you don't have any lines until 12 minutes in. So being a person who knows nothing about Tomb Raider, I enjoyed the short film a lot and everyone's performances. You definitely deserved your award. :)

Thank you soooo much!